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Extensive Security Guard Training - NRA Basic Pistol Classes - NYS Pistol Permit Classes

For a diverse range of security guard training services, count on Keeplock Security Services in Schenectady, New York. All of our training staff are certified instructors. Rest assured you get proper training from us. The following security guard classes are included:

  • Eight-Hour Pre-Assignment Training

  • Eight Hour Annual for Security Guard

  • 16-Hour On-the-Job Training Class

  • Eight-Hour Annual Re-Certification Class for Security Guards

  • 47-Hour Armed Security Guard Training Class

  • Eight-Hour Annual Re-Certification Class for Armed Security Guards


Note: Any Armed class held needs a 45 day prior DCJS approval



                           Security Guard Training Information                                      

According to section 89-G of Article 7A, all persons engaged in security guard activities are required to be registered with the New York Department of State (DOS). Also, you have to complete all training (unless exempted) at schools approved by the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Click on the PDF file below to see NYS Security Guard requirements.


NYS Security Guard Training Requirements      Click on the PDF File  

                                                      Training Notes:

We hold some training classes only when enough students have signed up for a class. Size of 5 or more students will trigger a class.....So Please Send A Request to and We'll add You to A New Class List.



                      Upcoming Training Dates


Please Note: This new 16 + 2 Hour pistol training put in place by, our Governor is supposed to be for "Concealed Carry only". But now, some county judges will not allow you to obtain a pistol permit without this class. This law is unconstitutional. 


As this is a New York State rule that is currently being challenged in courts, and unless NYS certifies my business and issues me a "NYS Certified Course Certificate" I can issue to you after this training, my business, LLC or an Inc, will not be teaching this class.  The state tells me they will not indemnify me or my business.


Point and Case---Let's say you went through this new 18-hour class, then later on down the road, you get into an argument shooting someone you were not legal to do. Any defense attorney would then go after my business for improper training.

I can make many other points in the matter. Call me if you have any questions.

We can teach and give you the basic pistol permit class if you can find a judge that will issue you a legal non-concealed pistol permit.

Name:              NYS Pistol Permit Required and NRA Basic Pistol Class (not the 18 Hr)

Date:                 5 Students will Trigger a Class. Call or e-mail me for details


Description:     This is the requirement to obtain your NYS Pistol Permit


Cost:                 $100.00 per person. 


Name:               8 Hour Annual Security Guard Firearms Classes 

Dates Held:       May be one in August if I get enough students

Location:          Email:  For More details     

Description:     This is the yearly requirement for NYS Security Guards who already                                   possesses an Armed Guard License


Cost:                 $160.00 per person


Name:               HR-218 Firearms Training Class

Date:                 Ongoing  For Retired Law Enforcement Only

Time:                 To be Set with Student(s).

Location:          Dunham's Bay Rod and Gun Club, May 31, 2024.

Description:     Firearm, Eyes and Ears, 50 Rds for each Firearm, Good Holster


Cost:                 $60.00 for (2 Firearms)

NOTE:      Do Not Bring or Use a Firearm that you have never used before.


Name:              47 Hour Armed Guard Class 

Date:                Start Date:  Fall of 2024 (No solid dates yet.)

Time:                08:00 am to 5:00 pm Each Day

Location:         Schenectady

Description:    47 Hour required class for NYS Armed Guards
NOTE:              All Students Must Have NYS Pistol Permit and a NYS Security Guard Lic.

Contact:  or Call; 518-852-2777

Cost:                $780.00 with your own ammo (200 Rds.) a Firearm, Eyes, Ears, and                                      a good outside the pants holster.


Name:             8 Hour Pre Assignment NYS Required Security Class

Date:               Monday, June 17, 2024

Time:               03:00 pm to 12:00 Midnight

Location:        Schenectady, NY, 12306

Description:   This is the first class needed to become a NYS Security Guard.                                            ($90.00 Must be paid prior)


Cost:                $90.00


Name:             8 Hour Annual NYS Required Security Class

Date:               Wednesday, June 19, 2024 

Time:               03:00 PM to 12 Midnight

Location:         Schenectady, NY

Description:    This is the yearly class needed for NYS Security Guards


Cost:                 $90.00




Contact us today in Schenectady, New York, and take advantage of our full-service security guard, HR-218 or NRA training. 518-852-2777


We take most forms of credit. A 4.5% service charge will be applied to your total cost if using a credit card.

                    You can also use the safe and secure PayPal payment process.

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